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Solar Wind Bz
Very important for brightness. -25 to 25, lower numbers are better.
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Planetary k-index
Predicted to be 1.00 after 30 min and 1.00 within 3 hours.
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Chance of Aurora

Taken from data provided by NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center, this value is an indication of how good the space weather conditions are to produce aurora over a give location. The forecast model looks 30 minutes ahead, giving a value between 0-100%. Note that even at low values aurorae can be produced, and this forecast should be taken as an estimated probablility.

Planetary k-index

This index is a good indicator for how strong the Aurora will be. Typically a higher number means the Aurora will be seen brighter and furter south. For reference, an index of 5 or more means the Aurora is likely to be seen over Scotland, 6 or more can be visible over most of nothern England, and 7 or more would indicate that the whole UK has a good possibility to see the Aurora overhead.

Solar Wind

Bz reffers to the strength of the earths magnetic field in relation to it's north south axis, and is one the most important values in the creation of strong and bright aurorae. A negative value is what we are looking for, this tells us that the strength is southwards, as opposed to a positive value, northwards. The further southwards, the stronger the aurorae can be. We are looking for values of -2 to -25, indicating good southwards Bz for aurorae viewing.

Weather data from OpenWeatherMap.org
Space weather data from SWPC NOAA
Weather icons from The Weather Icons project

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